London Executive Aviation – The Beginning of LEA

London Executive Aviation, LEA, was founded in 1996 by Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, Chief Executive, and George Galanopoulos, Managing Director.

The pair met at Stapleford Aerodrome - where the company is still based today - recognising their complementary business skills and a shared passion for flying.

For Patrick, private flying lessons were an escape from his busy lifestyle working in the City of London in corporate finance, advising both private and public companies. George, on the other hand, trained as a pilot and had always imagined himself becoming a bush pilot, flying to remote and rough terrains far away from any sort of city. When they met, George was working for a small aircraft operator for propeller planes with his wife Amanda, who also worked with Patrick and George to set up the company.

They quickly identified a critical gap in the aircraft market: a private charter with a large, diverse fleet. The charter market at the time was very small, operators managing and chartering a small number of aircraft, often of very similar types - failing to fully cater for the diverse needs of their clientèle.

London Executive Aviation, to become known as LEA, was founded to address this need, taking as its starting point two aircraft - a Piper Navajo and a Piper Seneca - and four strong principles, which the company still operates on today:

Absolute commitment to customer service

Professional, attentive and dependable support at all times. Exemplified by 24/7 support and a reputation as one of the most responsive charter operators in the UK.

Realism and transparency

LEA aims to always operate transparently, setting realistic expectations, so there are never any unwelcome surprises.

Pioneer new standards and technologies

London Executive Aviation was the first executive air charter firm to obtain European Joint Aviation Authority certification, and the first operator in Europe to introduce the entry-level Citation Mustang into charter service.

Invest for the future

LEA invests heavily in its aircraft, people and processes to uphold international practice; earning it 'Best General Aviation Operator' at the prestigious Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) Excellence Awards six out of the last nine years.These principles, and George and Patrick's stewardship, have led London Executive Aviation to become one of Europe's largest executive air charter operators. Continue the story of the growth of FlyLEA.

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