6 steps to happy flying in 2018

If you’re new to travelling with us this year, here a small insight of what it’s like to be a passenger with Luxaviation UK.

1 – Ask the questions, we’re here to help

People who haven’t flown privately before often seem nervous about asking the basic questions, but it’s really important to understand what you’re getting, before your flight departs. Be sure to ask in advance where you need to be when, what you can bring onboard, what the security procedures will be, how many crew will be onboard and what will be made available to you – if you have any special requests, whether it’s food, drink or music, they will need to know in advance.

2 – Time it right

Don’t arrive at the departure lounge two hours early – half an hour before your flight is due to depart is ample time. In the departure lounge, when your aircraft is ready to depart, you will be politely asked whether you are ready to leave – this is not an opportunity to have another coffee – if you are ready, go and enjoy your flight!

3 – Don’t be afraid to change your schedule

Private flights, unlike commercial flights, are not bound to strict schedules or destinations; they can be tailored to suit any itinerary. As a result, private charter flights are rarely delayed or cancelled – you make your own schedule.

If anything overruns or times change during the day, you make what we refer to as ‘the 30-second phone call’ and that’s it: we rearrange the flight times, Customs, refuelling, catering and any other arrangements.

4 – Charter the way that suits you

There are many benefits to chartering an aircraft. You have freedom to select the most suitable, and cost effective aircraft, for each individual chartered trip, which is a great way to keep private aviation costs down. By utilizing Luxaviation UK’s charter service, you are paying for exactly what you are using at a straight hourly rate. There is no acquisition cost, no monthly management fee, and certainly no contract.

5 – Don’t leave anybody behind

Luxaviation UK is approved under DEFRA pet scheme as a carrier to transport cats and dogs on all our private jets under Article 8 of the Non-commercial Movement of Pet Animal (England) Regulations 2004 into particular airports. There is no need to miss them when they can be right with you. Luxaviation UK even has dedicated catering menus for our VIFP’s (very important furry passengers).

6 – Just relax

The stresses of commercial air travel we have all experienced are no more; our specialist operations team and highly trained crew have it covered. When you arrive at your destination, the crew will expect you to want to disembark quickly so you can be transported on and if you haven’t arranged a taxi or car to pick you up, the crew can arrange this from the flight on your behalf.



If you would like to find out more about our charter service please don’t hesitate to contact us. Luxaviation UK is looking forward to welcoming you on board.

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