A day in the life of a Senior Operations Controller at LEA

The flying programme at LEA never stops 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. We are constantly busy in the air and on the ground all over the world.

With a 24hrs hour Duty Operations team monitoring, arranging flights and assisting crew on the move, I can be confident my work is being carried out flawlessly around the clock even when I’m not in the office. But my blackberry is always on standby just in case.

The usual buzz fills the operations room

 as I arrive at my desk every morning with the first movements already in the air.   The ever changing programme is underway and the various challenges it presents on a daily basis are beginning to cause discussion amongst the LEA operations team. Each person is tasked with their own areas to monitor in order to ensure we stay three steps ahead to prevent any potential problems from affecting our operation.  Running such a versatile fleet certainly helps deal with most issues, as we have the capacity in crew and aircraft to deal with most of the common problems such as crew duty limitations or technical issues, quickly, efficiently and internally.  

Communication is the key to a smooth operation.

 The operations team are the hub of a much greater team within LEA.  From Maintenance to Crew Training and AOC Support to Accounts, it’s how the whole team pull together and work together seamlessly that helps us get the job done to the best of our ability. 

Each season brings its own challenges

 with weather and challenging airports during the Ski season then ATC strikes during the busiest summer months, but there’s never a challenge too great for the team.  It’s important to remain calm, in control and support each other to get the job done the best possible way. While some issues are out of our control, it’s how they are handled and communicated with our customers and colleagues that really makes the difference.

I’m sure any operations personnel would agree that each day has its own adventure in any operations department within this industry, individually and as a team.  It’s the constant buzzing team environment that inspires and motivates us all to be the best at what we do.

By LEA's Senior Operations Controller Daryl Couborough

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