LEA Air Ambulance Flights for Transplants

It is vital that an Air Ambulance provider has an excellent relationship with the assistance companies they work with.

In life trust is something that you have to earn, and with medical flights, this could never be more true.

London Executive Aviation has been established since 1996, and has built up an excellent reputation for our outstanding level of service to our clients, and as such our clients have the trust in us to deliver when it comes to critical operations such as Air Ambulance flights.

With such flights, it is important that we never deviate from the understanding that the patient is at the heart of the operation. This can be the patient onboard the aircraft, or similarly, the patient waiting to undergo a potentially life-saving transplant operation. In any case time is of the essence, and the communication must be clear and concise at all times between ourselves and the broker. Regular and direct communications with all parties is essential and something we encourage.

We have had the privilege of flying patients of all ages, to the carriage of human organs for transplant.

The transport of donor organs is an area of operation that is particularly time critical. Whether we are carrying medical teams alongside the organs, or just the organs themselves, the ability to depart quickly is vital. Often it will be the case that the crew will depart from base, and fly to an airport close to the hospital with the donor organs. Once the aircraft is in place, the surgical team will begin the operation to remove the organs from the donor.

Frequently this process can take several hours, during which time our crew have to remain on standby and able to depart at very short notice. Clear communication between the hospital, the crew and our Operations is vital, to ensure that everyone has the latest information. Once notification is received from the hospital that the organs are on their way to the airport, our crew will ready the aircraft to ensure a prompt departure. Meanwhile our Operations team will ensure that the airports, the handling agents and Eurocontrol all have the latest schedule for the aircraft. Air Ambulance flights take priority in the airspace, and are given priority departure and landing slots to minimise any delays.

Once the patient or donor organs are handed over to the receiving medical team, you could say that our involvement with the process has come to end. We don’t see it this way, and in many cases we try to follow up on the outcome. It is a privilege to play your part in helping to save a life, and even more so, to be trusted to deliver a service that medical assistance companies have come to rely on us for.

By LEA Operations Manager Leigh Westwood

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