Ski Weekend


Well, I had watched hangover 1 & 2 - but what was I to expect from a ski w/e? Six lads, hell bent on a bit of fun, for a long weekend?....... and some skiing......... But we were no longer young and no longer single - so we had our limits to adhere to.

A hard week at the office finishing late Thursday. Guy had an uncle with a chalet in St Moritz - not available - but the Soldanella hotel could fit us in - well done Urs.

Just needed to get there. So we thought we might go upper class and see if we could fly direct - yup, by private plane. A little extravagant maybe but with a 5 minute taxi journey from the airport (Samedan) to the town centre, skiing and the Cresta - what more could we ask for.

Fortunately I'm CEO at a private jet company….. unfortunately we all have to pay full price for using any aircraft!  However at GBP 7,500 for an LEA plane – it’s not bad split 6 ways. We arrived at the airport at 06.30 and were airborne at 07.00 UK time. A little champagne en route made the 2 hour flight time quite comfortable and we were in a taxi for St Moritz and at the hotel by 10.30 local time! Now, scheduled, we would still have been standing in a security queue at Heathrow or Gatwick.

We hit the slopes at 11.15 - followed by lunch at Fuorcla Surlej (a spectacular view - one of the best I've seen).  An energetic ski followed - near perfect conditions - the ski legs came back quite quickly even for Geoffrey who had had a bad accident on the Cresta the year before. The day finished early with beer at the Palace and an early supper.

Early to bed so we were early to rise for the Cresta ……. now that's a separate tale in itself.

We hit the King's night club after another fabulous day's ski and tucked up in bed rather late. 

Sunday saw us with a rather jaded crew on the hangover ski run day - not on best form - we broke for lunch (El Paradiso ) - rested for a couple of hours and made our 10 minute taxi journey back to the airport - airborne 30 minutes later and slept all the way back.

We were 7.5 thousand lighter - but hey! We had 2 and a bit day’s skiing, Cresta run, night club and most of all a break that felt like a week without all the hassle of air travel.

Was it worth it - you bet - will I do it again? Absolutely!

Patrick Margetson-Rushmore

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