BlueSky: Streamlining safety

By Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, chief executive, LEA

It comes as no surprise that safety is a huge issue of paramount importance for the business aviation industry. Safety compliance is no walk in the park and involves a great deal of planning and organisation to ensure it filters into every aspect of day-to-day operations. This can be incredibly time consuming and involve a great deal of coordination with multiple management systems. This is particularly true now that LEA is part of Luxaviation Group, which operates a fleet of more than 250 business aircraft worldwide.

Early last year, in order to focus on our core business and make sure it ran as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, we began looking at ways to alleviate the huge administrative burden we, like many other operators, were facing. After a thorough evaluation of our options, we took the decision to streamline our safety operations by partnering with aviation support specialist Total AOC to use its cloud-based mobile management system, called Centrik.

So what is Centrik and how has it helped us to streamline our safety procedures?  

Centrik is an innovative cloud-based solution that provides a complete system for managing an AOC, including modules for compliance, safety, risk, meetings, training, electronic flight bags (EFBs), workflows and documents. The system provides total control at the touch of a screen, operating on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Julian Tubb, founder of Total AOC, explains: “Everything about a firm’s AOC operations can be collated in one place, with access to that information controlled by the user. Everyone in the operation sees exactly the information they need to carry out their work effectively, while management can easily overview all elements of the operation at a glance.

“Crucially, the system eliminates the need for paper-based filing, making it easy to allocate jobs and actions, and share data.  For instance, Centrik removes the need to pick up and fill in specific forms whenever there is a safety incident – a witness user can simply fill in the required information on their device, and this information can then be viewed by the relevant personnel. A risk assessment can then be conducted rapidly and an appropriate course of action decided upon, if required.

“Staff and flight crew training can also be closely monitored on the fully electronic and remotely accessible training, checking and reporting system.”

At LEA, another area that has been revolutionised has been the way we conduct audits. Centrik can be used to share data directly with regulators such as the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This has made the audit process much simpler and now most of the preparatory work can be carried out by the auditor without the need for an on-site visit.

Put simply, all of LEA’s safety operations have been consolidated into one place allowing full digital management of every aspect of operations. Centrik has proved foolproof in its ability to cover everything, reducing the administrative burden on staff and allowing our business to run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We no longer have to fit our business around the software we use – the system fits around our requirements, leaving us to concentrate on our core business: flying our passengers safely, every time.

Published in BlueSky on 11th June 2015.

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