Nicola In The Sky With Diamonds

London, England, 19 June 2014
London Executive Aviation (LEA) is delighted to announce its first successful marriage proposal at the heady heights of 24,000 feet.

On 14 June 2014, Nicola Ashford was preparing for a trip to Paris via Eurostar. Nicola’s delight soared as her partner Darrell Hadfield revealed they would actually be flying on a private jet to Paris, departing from executive charter broker Starflight’s base at Farnborough Airport.

As they cruised at 24,000 feet, Nicola’s expectations were exceeded even further when Darrell popped the question. The couple were officially engaged to be married by the time they touched down in Paris.

Nicola says: “I couldn’t believe it when we arrived at Farnborough, I had absolutely no idea. Flying on a private jet was like a dream all by itself, but being proposed to onboard was a complete shock and simply amazing. It was certainly the most uplifting experience of my life; I now fully understand the phrase ‘walking on sunshine.’”

Darrell says: “Once we were up in the air, the world seemed to disappear and it was like we were floating on the clouds. When Nicola accepted my proposal, in total amazement and tears, heaven couldn’t have been any closer.”

LEA and Starflight would like to extend their best wishes for the future and wish Nicola and Darrell a private-jet-full of good luck for the big day.

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