Q&A with female pilot Eva Claire

Eva Claire

Today we are celebrating Girls in Aviation day by interviewing social influencer female pilot – Eva Claire (@flywitheva) to encourage young girls to learn about the aviation industry and help them to begin a career within aviation. Eva is an airline pilot from the Netherlands who recently moved to Hong Kong to follow her dreams of flying the Boeing 747.

What sparked your interest in aviation?

Eva Claire @flywitheva: The idea of becoming an airline pilot always seemed so exciting. I knew this profession would be challenging, involve a lot of responsibly and create an unstable lifestyle but it also provided me with the chance to see the world and having no two days the same. The idea of a 9-5 job filled me with dread.

How old were you when you started flying?

Eva Claire @flywitheva: I began flying at the age of 23, I had just finished University studying literature and journalism and then I signed up at flight school.

Were there many other women training with you?

Eva Claire @flywitheva: No, I was the only woman in my flying class of 24.

What advice would you give young women considering a career in aviation?

Eva Claire @flywitheva: I would say go for it! Make sure you have done all the research you can on the job itself and the industry and if you feel like this is the right choice for you then it probably is! We want more women in aviation, so come and join us!

What training did you undergo?

Eva Claire @flywitheva: For my training I did an Integrated ATPL course and at the airlines I worked for I completed a Type Rating for Boeing 737 and recently on the Boeing 747. After this training I flew for four years through Europe in a Boeing 737-800 and now I fly cargo worldwide.

What airplanes do you fly at the moment?

Eva Claire @flywitheva: I fly a Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 747-8.

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