Girls in Aviation Day 2019

The fifth International Girls in Aviation Day took place on Saturday 5th October.

Celebrated globally and hosted by WAI (Women in Aviation International), events are being held to inspire the next female generation of aviation professionals. Various activities and learning experiences are on offer, giving young girls an insight into the aviation and aerospace industry from passionate and successful females in our business.

More than 90 events covering 14 countries are expected to be held. Last year more than 15,000 girls participated in the event and this year WAI are hoping to top that. 

This year Luxaviation UK asked four women in aviation about their experiences entering the world of air travel.

The magic of aviation

“The first time I ever saw the cockpit with all its lights and switches I was in awe, and I knew from that moment I wanted to find out more about becoming a pilot.” Social influencer pilot – Helen van Dam (@pilotvandam). 

Helen is from the Netherlands and is currently living in Spain. Helen learnt to fly at the age of 19 and did her first commercial flight at the age of 21. She is now a Boeing 737-800 first officer. In Helen’s case, aviation came naturally, and it was a passion that grew from a young age. 

When choosing her career, Eva Claire, social influencer pilot (@flywitheva), was looking for excitement, and couldn’t see herself in a 9-5 job. She has recently followed her dreams of flying a  Boeing 747 and moved from the Netherlands to Hong Kong to pursue it.

She says, “the idea of becoming an airline pilot always seemed so exciting. I knew this profession would be challenging, involve a lot of responsibly and create an unstable lifestyle but it also provided me with the chance to see the world and have no two days the same.” 

Vanessa Bertazzoli is a Citation II first officer at Luxaviation UK.  She enjoys many things about the role, including flying clients on such a beautiful aircraft amidst spectacular scenery.

Advice for joining the aviation industry

Before concluding the interviews, we asked what advice they would give young women considering a career in aviation. Here are their words of wisdom:

 “Make sure you have done all the research you can on the job itself and the industry and if you feel like this is the right choice for you then it probably is!” ~ Eva Claire 

“My advice would be to give it a chance as it really is a captivating industry.” ~ Catherine Hepworth, Accounts Receivable/Payable Manager, Luxaviation UK.

“Don’t assume the aviation industry is a male dominated world, you can do it if you want to!” ~ Helen van Dam.

Eva Claire concluded by saying, “We want more women in aviation, so come and join us!”

We asked Vanessa Bertazzoli what her biggest achievement to date was and she replied,

“My proudest achievement is certainly having had the ambition and determination to put myself through flying school to be able to do the job I do and work with some of the best pilots in the industry.”

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