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Bombardier Challenger 601/604

Long range, twin engine executive jet seating 10-18 passengers. It has a wide cabin with washroom, hot galley, ample stowage space for luggage and a cabin attendant. Transatlantic capability.

Bombardier Global Express

The Bombardier Global Express is an ultra long range business jet with a large cabin that accommodate up to 14 people. Its exceptional range allows for missions of up to 14 hours, bringing destinations such as Hong Kong within non-stop range of the UK.

Gulfstream 450/550

Gulfstream is synonymous with reliability and luxury. These aircraft offer a large and luxurious cabin, with all amenities expected from an aircraft of its kind. The G450 has a 5000 miles range taking you London-Chicago non-stop, while the ultra Long Range G550 has over 7000 miles non-stop range, bringing Johannesburg or Hong Kong within easy reach of London. Both aircraft can accommodate up to 14 passengers.

Gulfstream G650

Flying at 92 percent of the speed of sound the G650 long range business jet is designed with speed and comfort in mind offering you a smooth ride. The large cabin accommodates up to 19 people and can fly non-stop  7,000 NM, bringing destinations such as New York within easy reach from London. 

Embraer Lineage 1000

Taking the next step up in the world of business jets the Embraer Lineage 1000 takes luxury to new heights. With an ultra large cabin that features a bedroom and shower the Lineage 1000 accommodates up to 19 people offering a truly home from home experience. Its exceptional range allows non-stop flights to destinations as far as New York, Beijing and Delhi within range of the UK.


Ideal for when you need to take more of your team or clients with you. The ACJ provides ultra-comfort and space accommodating up to 26 people. Its long haul range allows non-stop flights to destinations as far as New York, Beijing and Delhi from the UK. The large cabin features a bedroom and shower plus conference table facilities to enable you to arrive at your destination ready for business.

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