Aircraft Consultancy

Nobody understands the full scope of the business aviation market better than an operator. Our extensive range of expert consultancy and advisory services includes:

  • Evaluation of the business aviation market: our unrivalled industry insight allows us to advise you on the significance of all the short- and long-term trends affecting the sale, acquisition and operation of new and used business jets.
  • Aircraft valuations and surveys: we understand the complex and fluctuating world of aircraft pricing.
  • Aircraft financing and refinancing advice: we can help you source quotations for funding, and advise you on liaising with the specialist aviation departments within banks.
  • Pre-purchase inspection coordination and oversight, using our highly skilled and experienced engineers.
  • Specialist guidance in handling the complex demands of VAT and aircraft import duty.
  • Aircraft acceptance and delivery: there is no substitute for experience when planning an aircraft delivery. We’ll detail all the key steps in the process for you, from sight and operational aircraft inspections through to the export/import process.
  • Ensuring your aircraft complies with the differing requirements of civil aviation authorities around the world.
  • Sourcing and supplying the perfect flight and cabin crew. Business jet crews are a special breed of people, with a rare combination of charm, discretion, personal service and respect.
  • Maintenance and continuous airworthiness management. Our in-house engineering expertise means we can identify problems, propose solutions and monitor the quality of any work carried out on your aircraft.
  • The refurbishment and retrofit of aircraft interiors and exteriors. Whether meeting your strict personal requirements, or preparing a jet for commercial charter operations, the look of the aircraft matters very much; we can advise you on the latest and best options.


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